My story

my story

My journey begins. I was born in a small village in Italy where my parents were farmers. After a terrible earthquake, we immigrated to the USA. I grew up in a traditional Italian home. We brought our old world traditions here from Frigento Avillino, Italy. Our home was filled with the delicious aromas of sauce, pasta, fresh vegetables, sausage, wine, pizza and bread: Everything homemade is made from love. This was home until in my teen years, as my body began changing, so did my relationship with food. I began to view food as the enemy. I wanted to fit the new “thin” and not the curvy body type that people were beginning to notice on me. This is how I developed an eating disorder. I began to hate food because I did not want to gain weight. I became anorexic because to me, food was poison. Eventually I began to binge and purge, becoming bulimic.

Food is emotional and social. Without food, I lost my identity. Not only was I shrinking in size, but also in personality and ultimately in life. Friends and family confronted and tried to help me. I isolated myself and as a result, was withdrawn and depressed. My turning point came when I was watching a special on Anorexia and Bulimia which was becoming an epidemic. The moment I heard the voices of girls explaining their struggles I saw the physical and emotional effects on their bodies and it hit home. Something in my life needed to quickly change if I wanted to survive. This is when healing became my focus, when I had an awareness that healing my mind, body and spirit would help me succeed and proceed on my true life path.

I came to realize that food was not the enemy. I was my own enemy, allowing my thoughts to poison my mind. I realized I needed to heal my relationship with food. During this process, I began to view food in a healthy way and became interested in being healthy rather than thin. I wanted to feel great in my own skin by accepting my body at its best- healthy, strong, and loved. I became a personal trainer and focused on balancing food with fitness.

I began cooking creatively by using my Mediterranean heritage to make traditional foods with a modern healthy twist. Food is your mood. Food is not only physical. It is social, emotional, and spiritual. Inner well-being can dictate how one relates to food. This led me to seek knowledge about health and nutrition, the power of the mind and spiritual development, and how they are interrelated. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, the only school in the world teaching ALL the different diet theories that exist. These teachings were lead by distinguished experts, doctors, researchers and spiritual advisors who are on the forefront of nutrition, wellness and personal development. The powerful and influential line up of teachers included Dr. Emit Oz, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, David Katz, and Bernie Siegal. The program’s foundation of teaching was to explore what one’s “primary food” and “ bio-individual” needs are. “Primary food” isn’t about what we eat but rather what feeds us as individuals on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. We all have different needs and concepts in life. These concepts and thoughts play out in our lives and the choices we make.

Increasingly fascinated with these varied belief systems and personal thought processes, I furthered my education privately with distinguished teachers educated in energy medicine and hypnotherapy.

In my search for health, happiness and personal growth, I met a remarkable woman, Debra Pesino. She has since become my spiritual teacher, mentor and friend. Debbie is a sought after psychic medium and Reiki Master who has practices in CT and NY. In addition to running her two practices, she holds private classes for selected students. My experience became the foundation for rapid self-growth toward healing on a multi-dimensional level. Once I understood this, I understood how to heal my mind and spirit. Not only did she impart her gifts, insight and knowledge onto me but also aided in opening up my natural abilities and intuition in order to help others. Through her I have learned to trust my higher intuition. She taught that everyone has the ability to connect with our own intuition for guidance. Learning to listen and trust, I found my freedom to live.

Through my life experiences, I’ve realized that my strength comes from the power within my own mind. Ultimately, this has provided me with clarity and perspective. I have realized how important inner thoughts are and how they impact our life situations. This led me to further my education in hypnotherapy. I wanted to teach people how to access the subconscious level to make positive changes within their lives. I realized that the actuality of thoughts and the power of the mind determines behaviors and brings about perspective. Learning to manage thoughts would give people the power to manage their mind, body and spirit.

I have also studied under Patricia MacIsaac in Massachusetts. She is a board certified Hypnotist as well as a board certified Hypnotist Examiner who has been practicing hypnosis successfully for over 20 years. Mrs. MacIsaac is an adjunct professor for the National Guild for Hypnosis and is a frequent lecturer and guest speaker on TV and radio programs all over New England.

I have come full circle within my life. Allow me to help you take the next step toward completing your circle.

Peacefully Yours,
Maria L Calo CCH, RM, HHC

Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Reiki Master
Holistic Health Counselor

Testimonials about Maria

  • While I (now) firmly believe in the powers of Reiki, of equal if not greater importance is the skills of the practitioner. Maria is simply an exceptional person and an equally exceptional Reiki practitioner. Her energy and contagious smile makes you at ease from the moment you meet her. I started this testimonial by indicating I am a firm believer in Reiki. I had never experienced it before working with Maria and honestly was a bit skeptical. My skepticism disappeared from the very beginning of my first session. Maria made me feel comfortable in the setting and extremely aware of myself and what my mind and body are capable of. I suffer from bouts of anxiety and Maria has been a driving force in assisting me help myself. I am grateful to have Maria as a driving force in my well being through my personal journey. Go see her. Now.


  • I was recommended to Maria by another Reiki Master as one of the best. So I had to go to the best. I was at a point that I was looking for guidance in my life. I didn't like who I was and where I was going. From the moment I met Maria I knew she would be the person to give me the direction I needed. She is as beautiful from the inside as she is on the outside. From that day and over a year later she has guided and taught me so many techniques in how to deal with everyday life that I never knew I could control. She has taught me how to focus on myself and to be able to address a situation that at one time I was unable to face. I would just let it eat away at me. I still have so much to learn. Maria has also taught me to meditate and use those affirmations that I love. Tapping has given me a feeling that I can handle anything. Pain, emotions but mostly fear. I am finally finding that balance have been searching for. After a Reiki session with Maria I feel so refreshed and peaceful. I have had Reiki by others but through her profound knowledge and her passion to learn more about her art I feel that I will grow with Maria as she will continue to give me the tools I need to find peace in my life. Maria is truly a gift I have been given. I am so happy that I was guided to her on my journey.


  • I have attended a few of Maria's events and I have seen her for reiki after I had my appendix removed. She is amazing and a true visionary. Her knowledge on the human body, mind and spirit connection is fascinating. The energy she puts forth is nothing short of love and healing. After meeting with her for my reiki session, I felt a sense of balance in my body that seemed to be lacking from the surgery. I left relaxed, yet energized. I had a sense of clarity and an overwhelming desire to listen to my inner voice and follow my passions. She truly practices a labor of love. She is a woman with many talents and she is constantly seeking more. Not because she is unfulfilled but because she will be able to reach and help more people. A session with Maria is truly a blessing. Thank you! 🙂 I will definitely return to see her.


  • I was having trouble getting organized in life and figuring out the next step with my career and personal life. Because I was giving a lot of thought and attention to all the things going on around me and that I was not able to make clear decisions I was having anxiety. This anxiety was causing me to feel insecure and unsure of myself and my decision making abilities. One night, while speaking on the phone with Maria she said 'you know you should let me work on you.' I replied by saying 'why? I'm fine.' To which Maria said well I'm always here to listen (as she always is) and there is no pressure but I think you would really like hypnotherapy. After several more weeks of anxiousness, angst and feelings of drowning in my own self created uncertainty, I called Maria and told her that I needed her help. As always she graciously and quickly scheduled me. My session consisted of a guided hypno-therapeutic script followed by reiki. Maria's kind and caring way combined with her professionalism quickly put a lot of my worries and stressors at ease. She explained her protocol prior to the start of my session to make sure I was comfortable and aware of each component of my session and before I knew it I was on my way into a relaxed, peaceful state. When I awoke after my hour session, that seemed like mere minutes, I felt refreshed, revived and lighter. In the days and weeks following I feel as though I am better able to cope with stressors that can manifest into anxiety through the use of some helpful tools Maria provided me in order to de-stress, regroup and refocus my energy on positive thoughts, words and actions. Her help has forever changed the way I deal with stress when I allow myself step back, breathe and deal. Thank you for all your help Maria!

    Claire Mac

  • Maria, I just want to take the time to tell you are truly an amazing person with a gift. The tools you shared with me to help shift my thinking and feeling have helped shift my life. The tools are simple BUT THEY WORK !!! Thank you again and I look forward to working with you more.

    Mike J

  • "Maria, Thank you so much for your presenattion on the power of the mind and body. I found it incredibly interesting. I really enjoyed your workshop and took a lot of positive energy and thoughts from it. Thank you for giving up your time to do the workshop. We all appreciated it very much !!! I hope you will come back to do another interesting topic on the mind and energy."


  • Thank you so much for being a presenter and teaching about the power of the mind and the energy behind our thoughts. It really inspired me and others to know how important positive thinking can be !!! Thank you again


  • Maria, I attended your workshop "Tapping into the mind" which I enjoyed very much. I was impressed by your clear explanation and your examples that allowed the students to explore the "energy" we all are and how we affect ourselves and each other by what kind of vibes we focus on and put out into the world. I teach psychology and your message was what I stress many times with my students throughout the they can change their lives by changing the way they think!! It is definitely a worthwhile workshop for high school, college students, and adults. You did and AMAZING, INSPIRING job and I can't thank you enough!!!!


  • Maria has helped in so many ways. It began with our reiki sessions, where she helped me balance out as well as allow me to look a little more within myself for reassurance. And she now made me a little more complete. I recently had a baby and was looking to loss "my baby" weight as well as just get healthy. Maria's knowledge about nutrition has helped me see what I was doing wrong with my eating habits. And instead on me going on some diet that probably wouldn't work; she helped me see the goodness in healthy great tasting foods. It has been 6 weeks and not only do I feel great but I've lost 13.5 lb. I can not thank you enough!!


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